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24 dicembre 2002

Scusate la lunga assenza .. cmq nn poteva mancare il mio augurio di BUON NATALE a tutti voi!!!!!!! AUGURONIIIIIIIIIIIIII

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Ricordati di visitare sempre il forum di Ninnicchio... potremmo interagire tutti insieme, parlare di tante cose, conoscerci meglio... noi vi aspettiamo!!


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Rispettate il nostro lavoro.. vi è mai capitato di trovare del vostro materiale su altri siti? Dopo che avete impiegato moooooolto tempo per realizzarlo? E senza che da nessuna parte fosse citato il vostro nome? Non lo avete trovato giusto vero? Dite anche voi

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Da un'iniziativa di Ninnicchio e Cicia's World, parte questa "battaglia" pacifica contro la clonazione dei siti... aderisci anche tu ma ricorda se aderisci RISPETTALO!!!!!!!

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How many styles of beer did you try?

As the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer is also one of the oldest prepared beverages. Including every style of fermented malt beverage, lagers, ales and even hybrid styles, beer can suit all the necessities and tastes of people from all over the globe. Special brews such as organic beer, kosher beer, gluten-free beer and wood-aged beer are only some of the styles of beer that will entice you to drink more – but responsibly – once you taste their interesting flavours.

Lagers or ales?

With different styles of making and presenting beer, your tastes buds will sure be satisfied. However, the two major classifications of beer are lager and ale. If lager is a relatively new type of beer – it was first produced only several hundred years ago, ales are the ancient types of beer and they are produced even since antiquity. Considering that ancient Babylonians are the firsts who brewed beer, in about 2000 BC, and that chemical tests proved that beer was produced even in the year 7000 BC, we can say that beer has a very long history.

If you wish to savour a good beer, visit a brewery with a glamorous lady from London Escort Guide. Able and willing to make your dreams come true, the beautiful models from this team will accompany you wherever you might need their presence, whether it is a business meeting or a night out in your favourite pub. If you are not quite sure what beer you should try, your delightful companion will certainly help you decide between the lagers or ales.

Accordingly to scientists, the oldest beer advertisement was found on a clay tablet from the year 4000 BC. An interesting fact about beer is that workers who put effort to build the Pyramids of Egypt were paid in beer, with about 4 liters of this delicious beverage a day. If you want to try the strongest beer in the world, you should expect to taste a beverage that has 67.5% alcohol content. But in case you consider drinking a beer brewed from bananas, you will discover this type of beer in Africa – RAHA.

Lagers are cold fermented and they need a long time until they are produced, but ales are fermented at warmer temperatures for short periods. Top-fermented yeasts are used to obtain ales, while lagers are fermented with bottom-fermented yeasts (top-fermented yeasts float on top of the liquid and bottom-fermenting yeasts will sink to the bottom of the recipient).

Pale Ales and Brown Ales are some of the ales available on market, while dark lagers and pilsners were produced to satisfy the tastes of those who prefer lagers. Oatmeal stout, Russian imperial stout, foreign style stout, Irish dry stout, Helles Bock, Doppelbock and Maibock are some of the beer sub-styles that you should give a try if you are a beer enthusiast.

Regardless of what type of beer you prefer, you should drink responsibly and in the right company. Visit a brewery with an attentive lady from London Escort by your side and make sure you will have a great time together tasting the different types of beer!

Interesting things to do in Rome

If you travel to Rome to discover the wonderful history and culture within this lively city, your trip should not limit to exploring the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Roman Forum and Pantheon. There are plenty of other interesting things you can do in Rome, especially if you will be accompanied by a mesmerizing escort Rome. Explore the wonders within the Eternal City and spend a memorable adventure with your delightful escort!

See Rome from a different perspective

Plan your vacation in Rome and you will not regret any minute spent in this vibrant city. Request the services of a tempting escort Rome and ask her to reveal you the hidden treasures within the birthplace of the modern world. Whether you are or not a religious person, you have to admire the art displayed in the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. See Michelangelo’s famous murals in the Sistine Chapel, stare at the amazing ceilings and feel how the views take your breath away.

Walk the Ancient Sites of Rome accompanied by your beautiful escort Rome and don’t miss the Colosseum either, since you are nearby it. Stroll down Mussolini’s road to Piazza Venezia and explore one of the best sites in Rome. Take a few photographs to immortalize the grandeur and imposing presence of this site then prepare for your next adventure within this beautiful city.

Discover Piazza Navona, Campo de Fiori and Piazza del Popolo and savor a delicious gelato to refresh in this warm day. Take a picture to the crowded Spanish Steps, take a lunch break to relish with the best pizza and pastas in the world and make sure you do not miss the Colosseum at night. The charming lights will offer you priceless views of this structure that will look now better than ever.

Invite a gorgeous escort from to keep you company while you will walk up to Gianicolo Hill and listen to the cannon that fires every day at midday even since the battle for Rome was won in that place. The breathtaking views of all Rome are remarkable in that point, but you cannot waste too much time admiring it. Head to the Jewish Ghetto area and savor Carciofi alla Giuda – artichokes cooked in Jewish style – and buy some freshly baked cookies.

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Venture in Monti district, in Piazza Madonna dei Monti with a bottle of beer and a pizza for a great picnic. As a dessert serve a pistachio gelato at Fatamorgana, delicious treat that will enchant your taste buds. If you and your gorgeous escort Rome still have some energy, venture to Palazzo Valentini and watch how when it gets dark the ancient Roman houses are brought back to life with the state of art technology such as sound effects and lasers.

Watch mesmerizing views of Rome through the Knights of Malta Keyhole on Aventine Hill and relish with a tasty cappuccino in Trastevere. Explore all the unique things you can do in Rome and you will sure have a fantastic adventure with your attractive escort Rome!